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Things to Do in Seaside, OR

You didn't come to Oregon's North Coast just to stay in your RV! There are plenty of fun ways you can spend your time in this beautiful, coastal town. If you need some ideas to fuel your vacation plans, check out some of the ideas down below.

Captain Kid Amusement Park

Some members of your family or party are probably looking for a thrill. In this case, you should drive over to Captain Kid Amusement Park for an afternoon of fun. Race with your friends and family on the new Go-Kart Track. Ride the park's family rollercoaster. Play games like mini-golf and attempt rock climbing on the wall. This park is one of the best stops for family's seeking something adrenaline-boosting.

Explore Downtown Seaside

Despite Seaside having a population of 7,000, it still has an incredibly active community. There is no place where this is more evident than on the promenade. What is usually swarming with tourists from across the world goes quieter at dusk, where the sky is painted with vibrant sunset colors. It's the perfect place for a walk. On top of this, there are stores aplenty with Oregonian souvenirs. Bars and restaurants line the streets, making for great nightlife. You'll have plenty to do downtown on your Seaside vacation.

Relax on the West Coast Beaches

West coast beaches are amazing. Like many other beaches, they provide the perfect place to relax with your family and friends. Additionally, they are incredibly close to our RV Park, making them suitable for morning and evening walks with the crisp ocean air. Seaside Beach is down the street from Broadway Street, making it ideal for most tourists who don't want to pack food themselves. Of the beaches close to us, Cannon Beach has the highest acclaim.
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